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Apprenticeships, 17 November

Do you know anyone who has done an apprenticeship?

Does your organisation take on apprentices or interns?

Whether your answers are ‘yes’ or ‘no’, in this session, you will get an overview of how apprenticeships an internships are organised across Europe, you will understand what the value of a good programme is and what is happening at EU level.

Let’s talk about how we can enable more learning for apprentices and interns and increase the value for businesses.

Workplace innovation, 17 November

We spend the equivalent of 10.3 years of our life working (40 hours a week from ages 20-65). An office worker spends 5 years sitting at a desk. The average employee spends 2 years sitting in work meetings.

Developing a sound workplace health programme is all about understanding what your employees need to be productive and happy both in their professional and personal lives. It’s about a human workplace. And you cannot be human without being different – what can companies and public authorities do to embed diversity in the workplace; to allow for understanding, acceptance and appreciation of all employees?

Entrepreneurship, 17 November

Entrepreneurship can be an empowering experience that has impacts beyond economic development. With the crisis, we had to rethink careers, abilities and skills. This session will debate the role of governments, organisations and business in stimulating the current entrepreneurial culture in Europe in order to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Come talk to the panelists about your experience with supporting entrepreneurs and how we can effectively transfer skills and know-how to aspiring and social business people.

STEM, 17 November

We hear a lot about the (lack of) women in science. Especially after #DistractinglySexy and #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaigns, more people ask how we can solve this issue. If you want to know why we should and how we could tackle this issue, join the debate with our panelists.

We will tackle key challenges but also reveal some success factors of business-school collaborations to promote STEM subjects, highlighting some practical examples from companies and other players throughout Europe on STEM education for girls.

Lifelong Employability, 17 November

Do you want to know what the changing European demographics and economic crisis mean for your manpower in practical terms?

Join this debate and be part of the conversation on how to respond to these challenges through HR processes that can boost employee satisfaction and productivity, while supporting them through all of their career and life stages.

Responsible sourcing, 16 November

In this session we’ll talk about how responsible sourcing changes the traditional business relationships along the value chain, and more importantly, what is the driver to change for both large companies and SMEs.

This parallel session is all about innovation and sustainable supply chains – join to show us how you innovate and have the opportunity to meet others who can help you succeed.

Circular Economy, 16 November

Join this session to demystify circular economy and assess where we are on the path to circularity. Companies, government and EU officials will explore how we could move beyond waste management and ‘shifting ownership’ loops of circular economy. Can you help formulate what is needed to make circular economy a reality?

Business & Human Rights, 16 November

The UN Guiding Principles turned four, but where are we going? We will dive into their implementation and shed some light on good but also bad practices in different industries. If you would like to share you experience or learn how to apply business and human rights approach in due diligence from others, plus what policy actions are currently helping companies do this in your country, join us.

City-Business Alliances, 16 November

To find integrated and holistic solutions to increasingly complex social, environmental and governance issues, multi-stakeholder partnerships are becoming increasingly important.  In the face of the current refugee crisis, migration and integration are rising on the agenda of both cities and businesses. Together with the panelists we will explore  why and how cities and businesses can collaborate on migration and integration issues, what are the challenges and what practical solutions are already out there.

Non-Financial Performance, 16 November

We believe that good non-financial performance can enhance the overall business performance and the success of business. The question is how? This session will not only address the action from companies, but also, the action required on the political level in order to create a nurturing, smart and enabling environment for European businesses on their way to responsible and sustainable innovation.