Aims of the 2nd Enterprise 2020 Summit

Following the success of the first Summit in 2012, much progress has been made on the corporate social responsibility agenda. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are now more widely integrated into business strategy and innovation across Europe.

Watch the video of our 2012 Summit below:

Yet, addressing Europe’s sustainability with European Union leaders remains a challenge.

This Summit is also taking place in parallel with the UN COP21 Climate Change Conference and the UN post-2015 development agenda with the aim to influence the business sustainability agenda at international level.

It builds on the launch of the Enterprise 2020 Manifesto in June 2015 at the World Expo Milan, to enable collaboration among businesses and policy makers that can steer business in Europe towards the creation of sustainable and inclusive employment and growth.

Drawing on twenty years of experience, this event aims at leveraging the power of more than forty CSR networks in and beyond Europe, working with over 10,000 companies to help steer European businesses towards the next phase of Enterprise 2020. This event will highlight and celebrate how proactive approaches and national CSR action plans are putting sustainability at the heart of business. It will also provide opportunities for growth and the inclusion of Europe’s youth at local level.

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